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Stream Kaiya Wynn's debut single "Mess"

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

‘Mess’ is the incendiary debut track from Los Angeles-via-Detroit singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Kaiya Wynn. This first official release introduces listeners immediately to the artist’s gritty, straight-shooting style underpinned by shadowy trap beats and heavy hip-hop 808s. Through her graveled vocal tones, Kaiya delivers this track with a powerful stance, street-smarts and alternative edge —- all wrapped up in her own signature flow.

Evidently, ‘Mess’ comes from a point of confidence, which isn’t all too easily won, especially for women in the music industry. Below, Kaiya expresses why her first single means so much to her:

“This song is special to me because I wrote this at a low point. I’d just started writing raps and I started writing things I’d never said before — it felt amazing. It just flowed out. When I listen back on it, I love it so much. I turned a hurtful moment into a gritty song I can bop hard as hell to. It signifies a turning point in my life where I don’t let pain linger. I just dance and laugh.”

Emerging from a place when Kaiya felt disrespected and unappreciated, this track is designed to inspire with the cyclical rhythms, hypnotizing melodies, earthy minor chords, bottomed-out bass and sizzled trap all creating a boss level energy. The stand-out element is easily the rap verses, which are peppered with witty lines that cut through the male ego while lifting herself and fellow women up.

After listening to ‘Mess’, there’s no mistaking that Kaiya has all the determination, talent and skill to make it in the music industry, so watch this space!


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